This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Olsdotter. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Anna Olsdotter1800-10-101854-11-30Jonas Johansson Trång, Erik JohnssonOlof Olsson Ingjerd Jansdotter
Anna Lisa Olsdotter1825-03-14  Olof Jansson Maria Jonasdotter
Bethy Olsdotter1842-12-04  Olof Jansson Maria Jonasdotter
Brita Olsdotter  Pehr Nilsson 
Cajsa Olsdotter1795-11-08  Olof Nilsson Anna Ersdotter
Cajsa Olsdotter1822-08-30  Olof Nilsson Maria Olsdotter
Cajsa Olsdotter1827-07-201863-02-24Pehr NilssonOlof Jansson Maria Jonasdotter
Kaisa Olsdotter1821-02-031917-02-10Göran MagnussonBritta Olofsdotter
Lotta Olsdotter1836-05-30  Olof Jansson Maria Jonasdotter
Maria Olsdotter1790-04-121860-04-18Olof Nilsson, Erich PärssonOlof Nilsson Anna Ersdotter
Marit Olsdotter  Erik Jonsson 
Marit Olsdotter1797-12-031801-08-10 Olof Nilsson Anna Ersdotter
Märta Olsdotter1825-03-29  Olof Nilsson Maria Olsdotter
Stina Maria Olsdotter1834-01-12  Olof Jansson Maria Jonasdotter